Hourly Backup Add-on is now available

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You’ve asked, we delivered! In addition to our 24h, 12h, 6h, backups, we now offer the hourly backups add-on. We are excited to announce that, as this was one of the most highly requested features, is now available ⏲

If you run a WordPress website that is frequently changing, whether it’s a high-traffic blog that gets countless comments, or more data-intensive sites such as e-commerce, membership, and communities. Losing data is something you can’t afford. If a problem occurs, having to roll back a site 24 hours is just not a feasible solution, and is a nightmare when it comes to merging back in transactional data.

With our new hourly backups add-on, you can rest easy knowing your most recent data is safe and secure in case you need it.

Hourly Backups

The hourly backups add-on is now available, you can find this alongside the daily, 12h, and 6h backups, there is a new option called “1h.”

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