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Refer a friend


Invite friends and get $20, they get $20 too!

How does it work?

It’s very simple: Refer a friend to us > They get $20 of credits + You get $20 of credits too!

How to refer a friend?

Just talk to your friend, explain what Closrr is about, how it can help, and what benefits it gave you.
Then, send us your friend’s email, and we’ll contact them:

Approval & rewards

Successful referrals are approved after your friend subscribes to Closrr and stays for 2 months.

Some rules:

    You must have an active account with us.
    Have a chat with your friends, say what you like, and what you dislike (if at all) of Closrr. Tell them how Closrr has helped you, and how it can help them. Also, don’t forget to say that they get a free month because of your recommendation, and that we will contact them.
    Must stay subscribed for at least 2 months to the hosting service, before we can approve the referral, and give them and you $20 of credits towards your future invoice.


  • You can refer as many friends to Closrr as you like. We will give you $20 of credits, every single time you make a successful, new referral.

  • We will allocate a credit towards your next invoice(s).

  • Your friends can subscribe to any Closrr website plan that suits their needs. No extra services (email, SEO, etc) are initially included. Once you have achieved 15 qualified referrals within a year, you can request access to “other services” referrals (Video creation, Online Advertising, SEO, etc).

What’s next?

1. Talk to your friends about Closrr and our website services, how it helped you, how the process is, the benefits and potential.

2. Send us their email, and we will contact your friend.

3. Get $20 of credit.

4. Your friends get $20 of credit.