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Cloud hosting built exclusively for WordPress

When you get your website with Closrr, have the peace of mind that it lives on an enterprise-grade, cloud-based infrastructure, built from the ground up, with the needs of WordPress websites – as well as E-commerce – in mind.

Plans & Pricing

Why choose our powerful cloud hosting platform?

Our entire architecture & technology is specifically created for and dedicated to WordPress,
to deliver unbeatable uptime, site speeds, scalability, and security.

The benefits you obtain, don’t only save your time in handling servers, security, performance, WP core, plugins & themes upgrades and updates.
They also include significant financial benefits, so you save up to 90% vs. buying the themes, plugins & hosting yourself.

A cloud hosting platform that checks all the boxes…

Redundant architecture

Our architecture is designed to automatically replicate resources across different servers for failover.

Secure architecture

Protected against malicious activity & attacks by server-level firewall & DNS firewall & DDoS protection.


Full-site caching, edge caching, powerful AWS EC2 machines, CDN, automated asset optimization, etc., for lightning fast performance.

Global CDN

We use Cloudflare’s world-wide network (close to 200 locations) for cached delivery + non-cached CDN, equally with a world-wide network.

Automatic scaling

Hit the font-page of a news site and got a spike in traffic? Congratulations, but don’t worry about the server. We distribute the load across servers for optimal performance and uptime.

Optimized servers

We exclusively use AWS EC2 servers, page caching, and S3 asset storage.


Automated, off-site backups guarantee disaster recovery. It never happened yet, but we have it just in case.

24/7 support

Our WordPress experts are around all the time in different time-zones, so you can get quick support wherever you are.

Managed architecture

WordPress core, themes, plugins, servers, database hosting, firewall & performance are handled by us. Focus on your business, we take care of the rest.

Do you like all-inclusive hotels?

Then you will love Closrr.

Included plugins & themes

There’s a large list of premium plugins & services, worth thousands, all included in the monthly subscription*:

  • Crocoblock ($ 199/year)
  • Advanced Custom Fields PRO ($ 49/year)
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions ($ 199/year)
  • AffiliateWP ($ 299/year)
  • Elementor Pro ($ 59/year)
  • Perfmatters ($ 24.95/year)
  • Blocksy Pro ($ 49/year)
  • Stackable ($ 49/year)
  • WooCommerce Memberships ($ 199/year)
  • EWWW Image optimization ($ 180/year)
  • Tutor LMS Pro ($ 199/year)
  • SEOPress Pro ($ 49/year)
  • FontAwesome Pro ($ 99/year)
  • BetterDocs Pro ($ 69/year)
  • WPML Multilingual CMS ($ 99/year)
  • Flatsome ($ 59 1-time)
  • The7 ($ 39 1-time)

This is just to name a few, however, even a basic site will benefit from $300 – $600 worth of plugins! And here, we aren’t even considering World-class AWS cloud hosting, Cloudflare, security, updates, upgrades from an industry-first, truly 100% managed host!

*Plugins, themes and services are included in the subscription. However, direct support, asset, or account access from the plugin, theme, or service is not. We handle all the technical issues directly for you, and if needed we contact the developers ourselves.

Custom adaption for optimal performance and security

Most powerful, state-of-the-art Object Caching

Hosted 100% on the most powerful AWS C7g servers

Already running on latest Ubuntu Pro 22.04 LTS & PHP 8.1

Enterprise-level scalability you can rely on

Enjoy managed WordPress hosting that scales based on your ever-changing needs. So, you never need to worry about a growing online audience leading to diminished site performance.

Enterprise-level security protecting your brand

Running the most recent version of the code is vital for the security and performance of your websites. Closrr tests, & updates WordPress core within 24 hours of a new release, so you never need to worry about logging in and manually updating your websites. To keep your website secure and running properly, we update PHP to the latest stable version. Currently, all our sites are running on PHP 8.0. In addition, we have already migrated our servers to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

Ready go make Closrr your new WordPress hosting partner?

Whether you’re a business looking for a home for your WordPress website or you’re an agency and want to host all of your client sites, Closrr has the right pricing, features, performance, and support to help meet your goals.

Plans & pricing

Frequently asked questions

It’s hard to believe that you will get a sophisticated website, in such a short time, made by professionals, for a fraction of a top-quality agency’s price.

Why is it so cheap? What’s the catch?

Instead of investing time, by making similar websites over and over again, we save our best designs, we replicate it, personalize it, and make it unique. In most cases, there’s no need for reinventing the wheel, that’s why we can offer a silly cheap cost, while keeping top-notch quality.

Is my website locked-in with you?

No way. We believe that if you want to be with us, that is because you love our service, not because we have some proprietary technology available just with us, preventing you from leaving.

We use WordPress as baseline technology, because it’s open source, has endless options and functionalities and powers 43% of all websites (!) around the world.

How long will it take to get my website up and running?

If you are as eager as we are, we can get your website up and running within 5 business days. That is, provided you have all your information ready.

Our support gurus do their magic Mondays to Fridays during office hours, you can expect to have changes done within 1 day. Sometimes they get some work done during the weekends, but it’s not a guarantee 🙂

Therefore, the question is: how fast do you want your website going live?

How many pages do I get with the done-for-you service?

You will get all the pages that are in the predesigned website, customized for you!

What does the service include?

Generally speaking, we will customize all texts, images, contact forms, colors, fonts, logos, etc. you provide to us. If you are missing some images, we will select royalty-free content from legit websites.

What doesn’t the service include?

As part of the one-time fee you pay with the website, the following is not included: full-site design changes, request elements not in the predesigned website, ask us to translate content (unless you got the multilingual option), perform SEO actions, etc.

Check out our services page, most probably we have the solution to what you need for your business.

Can I customize my website?

By all means! As our websites are built with the world’s most popular platform, WordPress, you don’t need coding or advanced technical skills to make changes to your website.

However, should you prefer to focus on your business and let us do the magic, you can take advantage of our extremely affordable done-for-you support.

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