Supercharge your website

With Closrr’s cutting-edge, carefully picked selection of premium performance add-ons, that can help you take your site to the next level.



All Closrr-hosted websites, have advanced WordPress caching built-in. However, certain more dynamic sites need a supplementary caching solution.

Redis, allows caching and reusing website data, instead of pulling those from the database a second time.

This drastically reduces the load on the database, making the website faster, and assists handling additional traffic.

Disk space

For large sites with lots of images or files, you can flexibly increase your site’s disk space with our monthly add-on.

10GB increments of additional disk space for $15/month per site.


If you have a business-critical website, an e-commerce site, a news publication, or another frequently updated site, don’t risk it.

Our 1-hour, 6-hour and 12-hour backup options could be a perfect fit in protecting content in case of a bad update, disaster or any issue.