2022 – a true mess

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2022 has been a very busy year for us. We have soft-launched the service, offering premium, fully managed websites. With fully managed, we mean that we manage the hosting, WordPress updates, upgrades, we purchase premium plugins and include them in the subscription. We create professional website templates, test them, and offer them to our customers. Like this, we are able to launch a website within days, with our Done-for-you service, for a fraction of conventional costs.

However, all this beauty has had some negative sides. While we were focused on the good-looking websites, setting up enterprise-grade infrastructure, investing a lot of money in services, apps, plugins etc. We did not pay attention to customer support. Yes, it was messy.

We tried to deliver the easiest approach for our customers (offering support via WhatsApp & regular email); however, that resulted in being very contra-productive, and disappointing. In an attempt to fix that, we have added chat support provided by the CRM we use, just to notice, that they are excellent at CRM, but not that good at chat and ticket support.

Since then, we have added an easy to use ticketing system
Since then, we have added an easy to use ticketing system

Customers can now email our (still small) support team, and they won’t get lost ?

So, what are the plans for 2023?

  • We plan to add Spanish to our base English support.
  • We plan to work on the affiliate program, but more importantly, we want to properly launch the “Refer a friend” program, so our users can recommend Closrr and obtain benefits.
  • A Social Media service is also on our radar, as all businesses need a presence there too, and we have a professional team for that. It’s just a good relationship.
  • Google Ads will be coming too, as this a very complex thing to accomplish the right way. We’d like to poor our experience into offering this service.
  • Lastly, but most importantly, as Customer Support is our key focus, we’re working hard on the Help Desk. This is going to be the cornerstone, where the customers who don’t have Done-for-you support, will be able to find solutions to their website needs.

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