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3 ways to make the leap to online leads — and close sales

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Before the pandemic, Insignia Corporativa’s business model was focused on offering exceptional in-store experiences that helped our customers enhance their lives through better sleep. The majority of our sales were generated through their office.

However, with the introduction of social distancing measures, we observed a significant decline in their second quarter office sales, dropping 60% from the previous year. This situation prompted them to quickly adapt and explore new methods to engage with customers and boost online sales.

By adhering to three key principles, Insignia Corporativa was able to meet the evolving needs of their customers and maintain resilience in a shifting landscape.

1. Evolve with the Customer
As the ways customers interacted with them changed, it became imperative to be adaptable. This involved adding a more personal touch to their online interactions.

Closrr revamped their website, ensuring it was easy for customers to request callbacks and share their information early in their decision-making process.
We tailored their messaging to address customer needs, emphasizing how their products could enhance. This rapid transformation, which typically could span months, was accomplished in just a few weeks.

The enhancements to our site resulted in a significant increase in sales through their online platforms, chats, and phone calls, surging over 200% from the same quarter in the previous year.

2. Return to the Basics of Strategy
Optimizing the website for lead generation required us to revisit and refine their fundamental marketing strategies. This meant reevaluating keywords, target audiences, and creative direction to connect with individuals actively researching or making purchases from home.

Utilizing tools like Google Trends, we identified product information experiencing a surge in search interest and ran targeted online promotions.

Adopting a “test and learn” methodology for our advertising efforts allowed us to fine-tune their messaging and engage with their audience more effectively. Through optimizing their video content online and implementing targeted ad campaigns, we were able to communicate in a way that resonated with their customers’ current needs.

To support these strategic shifts, we expanded our use of Ads automation by 35%, enhancing our efficiency and ability to meet the dynamic demands of their consumers.

3. Bridge Online and Offline Experiences
With the growth of their online leads, it became clear that they needed to reimagine their standard operational practices. We aimed to preserve the relationship-driven sales approach while ensuring a smooth transition for customers from online to personalized offline interactions.

Insignia Corporativa’s professionals, now working remotely, continued to provide exceptional service by following up on online leads and connecting with customers over the phone. We implemented a system to direct customers to the appropriate professionals based on the information provided on their website and Ads.

Looking ahead, we are concentrating on integrating their online and offline data to streamline customer experiences. Our focus on customer relationship management (CRM) solutions will allow them to efficiently manage interactions across phone, online, and in-person channels, helping them to not just generate leads but truly understand and meet our customers’ needs.

We are committed to adapting alongside our customers, continuously improving our marketing strategies, and integrating our online and offline interactions. By embracing these principles, we are better positioned to innovate in how we generate online leads and connect with customers in new and meaningful ways.
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