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Best Free Stock Image Websites

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Images are crucial for web engagement, but selecting the right one can be challenging.

With a collection of high-quality, free stock image websites, this task becomes easier. Before hiring a graphic designer, we frequently used the image sites listed here and bookmarked them all. Now, you can use them too!

Stock Image License Types
There are five main types of image licensing to consider:

Royalty Free – Pay once and use the image without ongoing royalties.
Creative Commons – Usually free with various types of usage permissions.
Attribution – Free to use but requires crediting the creator.
Commercial Use – Paid images for business and online store use.
Public Domain – No licensing restrictions, free for any use.

These are the most common licensing types you’ll encounter.
Now, let’s get to the list!


UnSplash is the world’s third-largest photography website, following Instagram and Tumblr. It offers a vast array of images in various dimensions.

The images are 100% free to download and can be used for anything, including blog posts, social media, advertising, and page designs. While crediting the photographer is encouraged, it’s not required.


Pixabay offers over 4.5+ million images, making it a top stock image website. We use its images for our website Templates. You can also find free vector images, illustrations, and HD videos on Pixabay.
Subjects span a wide range, and all content is available under Pixabay licenses, allowing safe use without permission or credit.


Pexels offers high-quality stock photos for any niche, free to use for personal and commercial purposes without attribution (though it’s encouraged). You can modify the images but cannot sell them. They also provide a growing library of free stock videos.


Freepik offers a vast library of stock images, vector designs, icons, and templates for personal and commercial use. It also includes tools like an AI image generator and image editor. An account is required, with 10 free downloads before payment is needed.
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