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Stand out with professional online presence with your own domain and business email.


Available only to Closrr website customers.

Pricing starts at $3.99/month, and it’s billed yearly ($47.88).

Your Identity
Creates trust

Build your brand with every email. Create trust with every email.

Technology partners

All you ever wanted

Huge 25GB Storage

One of the industry's largest offers. At the best price.

Guaranteed email delivery

Business-class email hosting solution with a 99.98% uptime guarantee.


Experience the privacy you deserve, and know you’ll never see a pop-up ad.

spam and virus protection

Industry-leading email filtering and blocking.


Full support for all email server settings.

Huge 50 MB attachments

No more stuck large attachments in your emails.

Mailbox migrations

Done-for-you, free and easy mailbox migrations!

Domain aliases

Set up your alias inboxes and look more professional.

Try it free for 30 days.

Pricing starts at $3.99/month, and it’s billed yearly ($47.88).


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we’re here to all your questions

Professional Email is an email platform built by Rackspace, a technical partner of Closrr. With a custom email address and feature-rich web and mobile apps, Professional Email enables you to work smarter and more efficiently over email.

Yes. While you need to insert your card details when subscribing, you will only be charged after 30 days of free service. You can cancel the service anytime before and won’t be charged.

Yes, bring your emails with you from other platforms and existing accounts. Professional Email makes pulling your old account data into your new inbox a breeze with its simple built-in migration tool.

Yes. Your domain determines your Professional Email address – [email protected] With your custom domain, you can both create a Professional Email account and set yourself apart.

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Available only to Closrr website customers.